Comprises the cropping areas of Western Australia, where soil fertility is generally low to very low. Yields depend on winter and spring rainfall.

In many areas, yields are low by world standards, but this is compensated for by the large scale and degree of mechanisation of the enterprises. Long-term variability in seasonal rainfall and production is lower in the coastal areas than in the other regions.

Livestock enterprises in mixed farming systems are often of less importance. The western region has a relatively small population and feed industry, and consequently exports more than 85 per cent of its grain production.

Key characteristics

  • Mediterranean climate
  • low soil fertility
  • yield depends upon good winter rainfall, as spring rainfall is generally unreliable
  • large enterprise size
  • narrower range of crop options
  • export market dominant, domestic market smaller
  • leader in grain storage practice
  • transport advantage to South East Asia.

Examples of grain crops grown

Minor crops include:

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